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About me

Front End Web & Mobile with Full Stack .NET

Welcome to my site - I am a passionate software developer living in Denver, CO. I am a geek, a mentor, a foodie and a great friend. I am fascinated with the world and am in wonder at the possibilities that technology makes available to our lives.

Architecture happens at every level; if I have a motto that is probably it. Architecture isn't just something that happens in a room with all the project leads, it is something that happens in every keystroke by every dev, junior or senior. Those individuals caring about the quality of their code and their growth as developers can have a far greater impact on the success of a project than the formal design.

I am passionate about developers creating great software, loving their craft and growing as professionals. And I am clear that this benefits their employers; the software is better, team retention is better and people are engaged in what they are doing. I love helping to foster that growth and engagement, whether that be through mentoring, system redesign for maintainability or pair programming.

I love projects that allow me to share and express my enthusiasm for creating maintainable applications. Many dev are under the impression that writing unit tests or commenting code is either a waste of their time or a hassle. One of the aims of my work is to change the culture of a team by generating authentic enthusiasm for building applications that show off their skills by how easy they are for others to take over. This often means looking at the practices that waste time and removing them from the process. And it means incentivising your team to learn and use the tools that make them really effective.

I am always learning about tech. I am a and subscriber/junkie and a voracious follower of podcasts and blogs. Some hot topics for me right now are about Durandal, KnockoutJs, Typescript and Azure as well as learning to write Unity3d and HTML5 games.

On a personal noteā€¦ I can be pretty geeky about travel, food, bicycling and digging through Wikipedia on some obscure sociology curiosity or pondering the orbit of the moon. The world is fascinating, period.

main services

Front End Development

15+ years experience with JavaScript. Exceptional UI/UX approach.

Full Stack .NET

Strong expertise from the database to the browser.

Application Architect

Pragmatic approach to the lifecycle of a project.

Effective Developer Mentoring

Best practices for high productivity and code maintenance.

working with matthew

Owner/Principal at JoyaSolutions

JoyaSolutions Site Snip

Typically, I consult through my company - JoyaSolutions. Whether you are looking for senior level staff augmentation or for direct project work. My partner Mary manages our offshore team for some projects allowing us to provide a lower cost alternative while still maintaining high standards for code cleanliness and effectiness.

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Lee Krieger, The Regis Company

Matthew's contribution to our highly technical project far exceeded my expectations for the role. His technical skills and capabilities created tremendous confidence for our team as we delivered his work product to the client. He always delivered on time with high quality. However, one of his skill sets in particular yielded the greatest benefit: Matthew's ability to think strategically about the implications of the tasks -- coupled with his proactive suggestions -- helped us avoid challenges and problems later in the development. It has been a pleasure to work with Matthew and his pleasant, respectful demeanor enhanced the cohesion of the greater team. Although he is in high demand within our organization, I plan to do what I can to have him on my next development team.