Welcome to Matthew-Nichols.com

Welcome to my site - I am a passionate software developer living in Denver, CO.  I am a geek, a mentor, a foodie and a great friend. I am fascinated with the world and am in wonder at the possibilities that technology makes available to our lives. 


A Lifetime of building CMS frameworks.

I have been building CMS products since 1997 - before there was name for it.  I built JoyaCMS at a time before some of the big players started making them really work for a wide variety of designs.  I keep doing because it is an interesting problem space and it helps me push my thinking and UI skills into new levels.

Almost all of the websites created by JoyaSolutions are running on our own CMS.  If you are looking for web application development or a great website - contact Mary at JoyaSolutions.



Document databases are a powerful tool for today's web apps.

Mongo4.NET is my latest project where I explore custom .NET business solutions with MongoDB.  On the site - you can find working solutions, tutorials and guides to get started with these synergistic technologies.  Perhaps the best install guide for MongoDB on Windows that can be found online.