Matthew Nichols

Software Geek

I was an electronics geek as a kid so it is unsurprizing that I choose a career in computers. I have no idea what I would have done in an earlier century as I seem to be built to do this.

I have done all of the web application tiers at some point or another so I am a strong full-stack developer, but I LOVE writing stuff that runs in the browser. I am very strong with (Javascript/Typescript)/HTML/(CSS/SCSS), Vue, and 11ty. I can take a design and make it dance (not so good at design myself). I am good at picking up new tooling and frameworks and establishing guidelines and practices for teams to hit the ground running with them.

I am a Special Contributor to the Holochain project and I maintain the Holochain website and the Developer Portal.

Things I am learning now are Holochain, BabylonJs, Svelte and SVG. I like learning (a lot).

If you are interested you can find the required list of acronyms on my resume. Maybe I should do an acronym cloud display.

Command Palette

Someday there will be really cool stuff here.